Makiti Village is only 102km from the Komatipoort Border post.
Its 35km North of Maputo.

Its very accessible with the new Ring Road.

There is now a bridge between Maracuene and Macaneta which makes travelling to Macaneta quicker and more convenient.
Makiti is accessible with a 2WD vehicle.
Our Village is located only 800m from the beach.
Makiti is listed on Google Maps for easy directions.

Makiti Village is a traditional Mozambiqan Village with 5 huts as well as a airconed 3 bedroom house and a charlet.

We’ve got more than enough parking space for boats and trailers.

To cool down we’ve got a state of the art Grotto Rock pool with a slide and water fall.
At night you can light a fire pit inside the pool for a cosy and romantic atmosphere.
The pool is surrounded by Palm trees and well maintained garden.

Cash bar is also available with drinks, cocktails and different shooters. Our favourite is R&R (Local Tipo Tinto Rum and Marongo)and our local beer 2M (Dois M).
For snacks we’ve got Fresh Home Made Pies.

The bar is close to the Village so we encourage Party-goers to stay here. We play music all the time to create a social atmosphere.
Our bar attracted a lot of Pub Crawling customers as this is one of the most popular activity on Macaneta.

Macaneta is fortunate to have a river on the one side and the ocean on the other side. This makes it extremely popular for deep sea fishing where you can launch into the river. There is a new boat club and a marine.

  • Boat trips to Pantsy Bay
  • Snorkeling at Inhaca and Santa Maria
  • Whale watching
  • Horse rides on the beach
  • 4 x 4 ing
  • Day trips to Bilene
  • Pub crawling between different lodges
  • Bird Watching
  • Paint Ball